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  • The orangutan will eventually be released into the Saran forest.
  • The Saran forest is a diverse primeval tropical rainforest measuring around 75,000 acres, east of Tembak.

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Saran forest

In the Saran forest, the orangutans can live freely in their natural habitat.



The primeval rainforest surrounding Saran Mountain is situated a few of miles west of Tembak Lestari . This 75,000 acre rainforest holds hundreds of different species of plants and trees, thus making this forest the perfect environment for the orangutan.

The Saran forest gets protection from destruction by the nearby traditional Dayak communities. To them, this forest is a source of water, food and medicine and provides the Dayaks with their traditional needs. This is one of the reasons the traditional people are unanimously determined to protect and conserve this area. They are supported in their efforts by a variety of organisations, one of them being Orangutan Rescue.


The Saran forest is the ultimate dwelling destination for the Orang utans. Here they can live freely in their natural habitat.


The orangutans currently living in the SOC rescue center and at the forest school, are not yet sufficiently prepared to live safely on their own in the wild. If the moment has come for their being released different facilities are provided to comfort and help them, like feeding platforms and shelters.