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  • Forest school Tembak Lestari is situated on around 60 hectares of primeval rainforest in the interior of West-Kalimantan.
  • In Tembak Lestari orangutans learn with the help the Sintang Orangutan Center how to survive in the wild.
  • The people of Tembak are closely engaged and participating in the project.

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Forest school Tembak Lestari

At forest school Tembak Lestari orangutans learn how to survive in the wild.



Tembak Lestari is an area of primeval tropical forest around 58 hectares in size and situated northeast of the Saran mountain range. The Sintang Orangutan Center was given the permission of the villagers of Tembak to use this piece of forest as a practising ground for the orangutans from the SOC.


The ultimate target of the SOC is to make it possible for all captured orangutans to be released into the wild. Having been parted from their mothers when they were very young and taken away from their habitat, they are not able to survive in the wild by themselves. For example, they are supposed to build their own nests every evening, and they have to know what is safe to eat. The SOC rescue center tries its very best to provide them with all important and necessary skills. Nevertheless, all these skills have to be learned in their natural environment. The forest school Tembak Lestari provides a save place to master these skills.


In Tembak Lestari each orangutan is allowed its own pace of development in getting used to its natural habitat again. To help the orangutans, the forest school offers a number of facilities. for example, for orangutans not yet sufficiently good at nest-building or afraid of being alone in the forest at nighttime, there are overnight accommodations to find shelter. If the animals find climbing too difficult there are ropes tightened between the trees. Additionally, they are given personal coaching by their caretakers, who show them with patience and sympathy the necessary skills being existential for their successful survival in future life.
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  1. Forest school Tembak Lestari
  2. Field hospital and night shelters
    (see detailed map below)
  3. The village
  4. Rubber tree orchards
  5. Oil palm plantations

Detailkaart van de voorzieningen

  1. Field clinic
  2. Night shelters
  3. Nursery
  4. Food preparation
  5. Tunnels
  6. Entrance building
  7. Forest school
  8. Fence
  9. Pathway to the village