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Rescue center

Sintang Orangutan Center

The Sintang Orangutan Center provides a place of shelter for orangutans who have been rescued and collected by the local authorities from wildlife traders or from people who kept them as pets. The SOC cares for these animals and prepares them for eventual complete repatriation into their natural environment.


Forest school

Forest school Tembak Lestari

Tembak Lestari is an area of nearly 58 hectares of rainforest east of the Saran Mountains. Young orangutans as a result of having been removed from their society and having been imprisoned are not able to survive in the wild on their own. Here they are given the opportunity to learn how to behave in their natural environment in a way that will allow for their survival in the wild.



Saran forest

AAs soon as the orangutans have proven their ability to live on their own, they can be released into protected forests. In the beginning they will be followed closely, but eventually they will continue their life in freedom. One of these areas is the Saran forest situated west of Tembak village . Surrounding villages are working together to protect the Saran forest against deforestation.