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About us


Orangutan Rescue is protecting the orangutan in its own habitat in close cooperation with the local traditional people.


There are three concrete targets focused on by Orangutan Rescue:
  • Emergency shelter and health care for orangutans at the Sintang Orangutan Center
  • Preparing the release into the wild at Tembak Lestari forest school
  • Release of the orangutans into the wild


The current situation shows us that the Indonesian Rainforests are being cut and destroyed on an enormous scale. They get replaced by the creation of palm oil plantations. The palm oil industry and other agencies cut trees facilitating the timber trade. Due to poorly negotiated and manipulative tactics by agencies and companies the local people are not profiting from the destruction of their traditional lands. These companies and the national government choose to ignore the needs of the people, who depend on these forests for their livelihood.

However, the rainforests are much more valuable, important and profitable on the long term ,if they are kept pristine. These forests are offering clean air, pure water and a variety of food and medicine. On top of this the rainforest is of crucial importance to the sustaining of the global climate, and its immense richness and variety of plants and animals. The forest is also a source of imagination and inspiration for the whole of mankind.

The orangutan is our guide in these forests they shows us the richness of this ecosystem. Being one of our closest relatives the orangutan let us see what the forest can offer and how we can preserve this environment in a sustainable way.

As planet custodians we humans are responsible for the orangutan and its continued existence into future. The orangutan needs practical, committed help and assistance in all possible ways.


Chairman Henk Kaskens, Sint Oedenrode
Treasurer Corné Seijner, Meliskerke
Secretary Hugo Wortel, Soest

The Board of Executives work “pro deo”, on a non profit basis